Ha Ji Won talks about her interest in real marriage after filming “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”

Actress, Ha Ji Won, talks about her elevated interest in marriage after filming Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. On December 17th, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant and its team held a press conference at the CVG in Apgujeong, Seoul.

During the press conference, Ha Ji Won revealed that, “I had three sons at the finale scene of the drama ‘Secret Garden.’ This time too, I am a mom of three sons. Although I have never really thought about marriage until now, I took a role of being wife of Heo Sam Kwan and a mom of Il Lak, Yi Lak, and Sam Lak in ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.’ It’s my first time acting as a full mom.”

The actress further commented on her feelings abut marriage, “I was able to feel the warmth of a family with this role, and furthermore, I was able to consider about marriage. The kids were really adorable. Now I want to become a mom of three sons when I marry in the future.”

Meanwhile, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, adaptaion of bestselling Chinese novel Yu Hua, is set in 1950s Korea and about a family story. Along with Ha Ji Won as the lead female actress, lead male actor, Ha Jung Woo has also directed the film. The film is set to release in the box office on January 15th next year.

Source: Newsen