Ha Sung Woon Called SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi About Their Funny “Couple” Rumor

They had a whole conversation about it.

During Ha Sung Woon‘s BLANK TALK segment, he shared his reaction to the funny couple rumor with SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi.

Ha Sung Woon | @BPM_HSW/Twitter

Wondering how the “college couple” rumor began between him and Hoshi, the outlet asked Ha Sung Woon about it. He admitted, “I was surprised too.

It all started with Hoshi and Ha Sung Woon having “similar profile pictures on Instagram.” They looked nearly the same with the red backdrops and the same pose.

Because of the similarities, Korean media wrote articles about their names’ compatibility and found other moments that connected the two. Ha Sung Woon shut down all the connections by saying, “People thought it was suspicious, but it’s a coincidence.

It was then natural for Ha Sung Woon to contact the other person involved in the silly rumor. He said, “When I heard about this matching Instagram picture rumor, I called him, [asking] if he was aware of it.

Ha Sung Woon didn’t have to explain a thing to Hoshi because he’d already known about it. It was such a funny topic to discuss that Ha Sung Woon burst into laughter recalling it.

He said, ‘Hyung, I saw it too…’ I remember having that conversation.

— Ha Sung Woon

Like Ha Sung Woon, Hoshi must’ve thought the couple rumor was just as hilarious.

Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Watch Ha Sung Woon talk about him and Hoshi not being the “college couple” netizens expected.