Ha Sung Woon Spills On What To Expect From His OST With BTS’s Jimin For K-Drama “Our Blues”

ARMYs are even more excited after his TMI!

Last month, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement when it was revealed that BTS’s Jimin would be releasing a solo OST for the K-Drama Our Blues. For a long time, netizens only had this piece of information, but it seems like even more spoilers of what fans can expect are being released.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On April 19, it was revealed that the OST would actually be a duet collaboration with his in-real-life bestie, solo singer-songwriter, and former HOTSHOT and Wanna One member Ha Sung Woon.

OST producer Song Dong Woon who has worked on OSTs for iconic K-Dramas such as Hotel Del Luna, Descendants of the Sun, and Goblin shared that they sought out the perfect voices to fit Our Blues before selecting Jimin and Sung Woon. 

After finding a lot of songs that go well with the voices of Jimin and Ha Sung Woon and the drama, we were able to finish recording with a song that perfectly suited the drama.

— Producer Song Dong Woon

Jimin hugging Sung Woon after Wanna One won “Song of the Year” at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards.

Well, if that wasn’t enough, Ha Sung Woon seems to be treating ARMYs even more as he shared some spoilers with fans on social media. On April 20, messages from the idol to his fans shared some things that netizens can look forward to when anticipating the OST.

In particular, it seems like the collaboration has been on the cards for some time, as he explained, “The OST is the thing that I was excited about since last July.

| @PJM_data/ Twitter

Looking back at Ha Sung Woon’s content, last July was around the time that the idol first shared that he wanted to collaborate with Jimin and that it was decided at some point. It seems like the decision was more concrete than netizens initially thought.

I would collab with BTS Jimin. We already decided to do it one day.

— Ha Sung Woon

If that wasn’t enough, Ha Sung Woon even shared the genre of the upcoming OST, and like the K-Drama, it seems like netizens might need tissues when listening to the song. In another message to fans, he explained, “It’s a total emotional song.”

| @PJM_data/ Twitter

He finished by teasing fans that in the future, he’s going to share some TMI about how the collaboration came together but ARMYs are just going to have to wait for the full story.

There is a behind-the-scene story of how we came to do it together. I’ll tell the story later. It’s a long story.

— Ha Sung Woon

| @PJM_data/ Twitter

If the story showcases their true friendship, it will be nothing short of beautiful. In particular, last month, Ha Sung Woon shared just how close the two idols are.

During the live broadcast, he revealed that although he was going to sleep early for his birthday, a close friend attempted to call him to wish him a happy birthday. When Sung Woon didn’t pick up the call, the friend showed up at his home! When asked if Jimin wished him a happy birthday, Sung Woon revealed that it was the BTS singer who had come to his house.

Everyone, the friend who came over yesterday was Jimin. I’m so thankful. He’s a very kind friend. He has a lot of jeong. He’s the friend who I love the most.

— Ha Sung Woon


Hopefully, it isn’t too long before netizens can hear the full OST because it will no doubt be epic AF. You can read more about the collaboration between the duo below.

After Wishing To Collab, Besties BTS’s Jimin And Ha Sung Woon Team Up For “Our Blues” OST

Source: @PJM_data