Ha Sungwoon Tells Everyone To “Get Ready” With A Showcase For His New Mini-Album

Are you ready to join Ha Sungwoon in the twilight zone?

In promotion and celebration of the release of his third mini-album, Ha Sungwoon held a showcase full of discussion about and performances of his work. The former HOTSHOT and Wanna One member live-streamed the showcase through YouTube to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Titled Twilight Zone, Ha Sungwoon’s mini-album consists of a six-song tracklist, with the lead track titled “Get Ready.” The name comes from the 1960s American hit TV show of the same name. The TV show’s themes were a mixture of suspense, mystery, and thriller, and episodes sometimes ended in a macabre or twisted fashion, but usually held some kind of moral story to them. Accordingly, Ha Sungwoon’s mini-albums will have two versions to represent those themes from the TV show: a white version and a black version. He shared that he chose those colors to represent “the brightest part of light” and “the darkest part of the night.”

The title song “Get Ready” features a bolder, heavier sound with funky riffs to balance it out, making it musically different than some of his previous releases. Ha Sungwoon told reporters that he even decided to dye his hair to match both the somewhat bizarre motifs of the TV show Twilight Zone but also to match the vibes of this mini-album and title song.

I don’t remember ever having orange hair. That became my first challenge since I wanted to express an unrealistic and fantasy-type feeling. The concept itself is full of fantastical things, and parts are also colorful and funky, so I wanted my look to match that theme.

—Ha Sungwoon

Twilight Zone is Ha Sungwoon’s third mini-album and comes just eleven months after his previous release, BXXX. During that time, he was still busy and released both a digital single and drama OST, but was never performing live on stage. He said that during those eleven months, he worked diligently on this album and even did exercises to correct his poor posture so that his live performances would be better.

For his mini-album, Ha Sungwoon wrote the lyrics and/or composed the songs “Wanna Know” and “Twinkle Twinkle.” The other four songs on the mini-album include the title track “Get Ready,” as well as “Lazy Lovers,” “Puzzles,” and “Lie.”

When talking to the interviewers, Ha Sungwoon said that “I’ve wanted to share this work with my fans for so long, and I’m happy I’m finally able to.”

I think this song would be a good one to win first place on a music show. Since winning first place feels like a dream to me, I wanted to create a song and make a video with the same dream-like and fantasy concept.

—Ha Sungwoon

Besides hoping for a first-place win on a music show, Ha Sungwoon also shared his greatest and most special dream as a performer.

My final goal with this mini-album and my career is to have others believe that Ha Sungwoon is a [good] solo singer.

—Ha Sungwoon

The song and music video were just released on several music platforms. Ha Sungwoon has yet to release a promotion schedule, but it can be expected that he will perform his title track and possibly a B-side track on music shows.

Check out Ha Sungwoon’s just-dropped music video to title track “Get Ready” below: