Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon Responds To His Famous Dating Scandal With This Popular Idol

He sent the idol a video message.

The hosts of Weekly Idol revealed that Ha Sungwoon was caught up in a dating scandal ever since he first debuted with Wanna One!


Ha Sungwoon was wrapped up in a comical dating scandal with his member, Kang Daniel!


The rumors arose when fans frequently spotted Kang Daniel and Ha Sungwoon wrapped up in a sweet backhug…


… or when Kang Daniel lifts Sungwoon up like his blushing bride!


Ha Sungwoon addressed the rumors by claiming that he was surprised by the “scandal” but was glad it brought joy to their fans.

“I was surprised when I heard about this too, so I looked into it. Daniel picked me up a lot, since he’s big and I’m small. He would hug me from the back and joke around like that with me, so the fans made that kind of [story].”

— Ha Sungwoon


To put the rumors to rest, he sent a video message to Kang Daniel, reassuring him to pay no attention to these rumors and focus doing what he does best!

“Oh, Niel… There’s a dating scandal going around about us, but don’t worry about it. Always be healthy, always do all the things that you love, and I hope everything you do turns out well.”

— Ha Sungwoon


But who would ever mind if these two puppy-faced heartthrobs got together?!

Source: Xports News

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