Ha Yeon Soo Exposes Netizen Who Wrote Disgusting Rumors About The Actress — Denies Retirement Rumors

“I am scared for the women who will date and marry men like you.”

Amid rumors of retiring, actress Ha Yeon Soo did not hold back exposing a netizen who wrote a disgusting comment about the actress.

Ha Yeon Soo | @hayeonsoo_/Instagram

On May 12, the actress uploaded a story to Instagram where she shared a screenshot.

| @hayeonsoo_/Instagram

The photos showed replies to a netizen’s deleted comment.

The replies read, “What do you mean she’s trying to be pornstar… how can you say something so dirty?” and “I think you’re going to be sued again.” Another comment stated, “She isn’t signed to any label, so there isn’t anybody to sue for her.”

The actress wrote back, exposing the netizen.

Get your head straight. If you are somebody of sound mind, do not mention me in communities again. I will really sue you. I still have the PDF files from the past. I can sue you anytime.

—Ha Yeon Soo

The actress continued lamenting her instigator.

Why would you say something like that? Do you want to put down somebody who is just trying to live their life? What goes through your mind to make you do that? Did you not learn any better from your parents? I am scared for the women who will date and marry men like you.

—Ha Yeon Soo

On May 10, Ha Yeon Soo ended her contract with the agency ANDMARQ. Retirement rumors started to spread when the actress’s profile was deleted from search sites.

| @hayeonsoo_/Instagram
| @hayeonsoo_/Instagram

Ha Yeon Soo, however, would rebuke the rumors sacastically, stating, “I think the ones that make it seem like I’m retiring are the journalists themselves. Thanks a lot, guys.

| @hayeonsoo_/Instagram
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