Ha Yeon Soo Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumors About Her Eyes And Chin

She revealed the truth.

Actress Ha Yeon Soo was accused of getting plastic surgery done when an old photo of her during elementary school began circulating online.

“My elementary school graduation photo circulated around the internet. It was so hot and the sun was in my eyes, so I took the photo while squinting. But people saw that and netizens claimed, ‘She got plastic surgery.'”

— Ha Yeon Soo


However, she guest starred on Happy Together 4 to clarify that the rumors are all false! She explained that she hasn’t gotten anything done to her eyes or her chin as the rumors claim.

“I didn’t get anything done. They talked so much. They even say I shaved off my jawline. But I really didn’t.”

— Ha Yeon Soo


In order to fully prove that she’s a natural beauty, she brought in other photos from her childhood. Sure enough, baby Ha Yeon Soo looks just the same as the beauty she’s grown into now!


She has the same big, adorable eyes, small button nose and the signature Squirtle-face that she has now!


Ha Yeon Soo’s high school photos further proved that she’s never gone under the knife!


With that, Ha Yeon Soo shut down every single rumor of her getting plastic surgery!

Source: Newsen