Actress Ha Yeon Soo Responds To Her Rising Sun Flag Controversy

“I feel no shame…I cannot force people to see me in a good light.”

Actress Ha Yeon Soo talked about the rising sun flag controversy that was sparked by one of her photos from Russia last year.


In an interview for her upcoming film, Your Name is Rose, Ha Yeon Soo gave an explanation for the controversy that arose over her SNS post. Last July, the actress had shared a photo of herself in front of a poster which resembled a Rising Sun Flag during her travels in Russia.

Koreans often protest against the Rising Sun Flag as it is understood as a symbol of the Imperial Japanese military during World War Two.


The actress responded to netizens’ criticism by explaining, “The patterns of the circus photo zone were converging. I am also sensitive about this issue so I reduced the chroma before posting it. It’s originally red.” When the protest against the photo continued despite her explanation, she eventually deleted the photo.


In regard to this issue, Ha Yeon Soo stated in the recent interview that the poster was not the Rising Sun Flag and that she was not ashamed about the controversy.

“It wasn’t the Rising Sun Flag. I am not embarrassed about it. I am sorry if some felt uncomfortable seeing it but in the end, it wasn’t a Rising Sun Flag so I don’t think there is any need to feel embarrassed about it.”

ㅡ Ha Yeon Soo


She continued to assert her opinion, stating that she does not expect everyone to support her but reiterated that she does not feel ashamed about the past incident.

“I love Korea and I’ve continued to improve my basics through charity and volunteer work, so although it is unfortunate that I am being evaluated for a single photo, that is not my jurisdiction so I cannot force people to see me in a good light. Like everyone else, there will be people who like me and people who dislike me. I cannot ask everyone to like me as the world is too diverse and full of people with various opinions, and I respect all of those opinions. I don’t know how the reporters will feel about this but in respect to this matter, I feel no shame.”

ㅡ Ha Yeon Soo


Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Soo’s upcoming comedy film Your Name is Rose is set to premiere on January 16.

Source: Newsen