This Rookie Korean Broadcast Jockey Earned $100,000 Through One Live Broadcast

She had very generous fans.

The rookie Korean BJ (broadcast jockey) who goes by the name Haekjji has been receiving attention for receiving an unbelievable number of “star balloons”.

Haekjji is a BJ on Afreeca TV, a video streaming service.


She usually does mukbang (eating) shows and is fairly new to the live streaming world as she started just 4 months ago.


On her July 29th’s stream, Haekjji received 120,000 “star balloons”, which are worth a total 120 million KRW ($100,000 USD). One viewer had sent numerous balloons little by little.


Haekjji was extremely touched by the number of balloons she received and even became teary-eyed. She danced and thanked her viewers for their love.


After the video, however, some netizens became suspicious of her relationship with the viewer who sent numerous balloons. Some suggested that the viewer was money laundering.


The viewer later stated that it was not money laundering, and that he has never met Haekjji before and that they do not know each other at all.


Haekjji also later released a video explaining the situation and denying all accusations regarding any fabrication.

Source: Dispatch