Byul Says Haha Feels Very Sorry About Their 3rd Pregnancy

The new baby will be arriving in 2019!

Celebrity couple, Haha and Byul, are expecting their 3rd child in 2019! The two married back in November 2012 and are currently raising their two sons – Dream and Soul.

Their agency, Quan Entertainment, confirmed news of their 3rd pregnancy.

“Haha’s wife, Byul, is pregnant for the third time. She’s in the early stages, about 10 weeks along, so we’re very careful.”

— Quan Entertainment

Byul also uploaded an adorable video on Instagram, where she captioned a long message to her fans about her pregnancy. She revealed that although the pregnancy was a surprise, she will do her very best to successfully deliver her 3rd child as healthily as possible.

She also added that Haha was feeling sorry to her and her fans as she can no longer fulfill all of the schedules she had planned. Even still, they’re more than ecstatic over their upcoming addition to their family!

“The last day of 2018.

I’m receiving a lot of congratulatory messages.^^
Su…sud…suddenly??? ㅋㅋㅋ

I said through many interviews that our family plans ended..but.
I’m apologetic to everyone who welcomed me from my hiatus and my fans who waited for my comebackㅠ
But. The birth of a new life is always a blessing!!!♡

Our family, including my husband, are very thankful with joyous hearts for the beautiful baby that God has blessed us with.
I’m sorry that the news was unintentionally released by the news first..
It’s very early… so I was being careful!
I also really wanted to fulfill the concert that I promised my fans and the activities that were pre-scheduled.. So I fulfilled it quietly and carefully.

Thankfully, the baby and I are very healthy!!

Everyone who worried. Everyone who congratulated us. Thank you to everyone ㅜㅜ

I’ll try my best to fulfill as many promised schedules as I can, while taking care of my health so that I don’t strain myself^^
And the songs that I’ve been working on.. I really want to release them for you!!

As much as.. it’s my third!! I’ll give birth well, healthy, happily, and quickly!!
So that we can see each other more! I’ll do my best.
Please don’t feel too down or sadㅠㅜ
I! will soon! make a comeback!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(My husband is feeling very apologetic. Please cheer my husband up.. I request itㅠ)

Thank you. As I always receive an overwhelming amount of interest and love.. I’m so happy. With that love, I’l become an amazing person, an amazing mom.. and an amazing singer♡

My greeting was too long.. hehe.
I love you. Many blessings to you all.♡
I hope you’re even happier in the new year…!! Happy New Year♡♡”

— Byul

Congratulations, Haha, Byul, Dream, and Soul!

Source: Newsen