Hairstylist Explains SuperM’s Preference For Hair Styles

Here’s how SuperM’s hairstyles came about!

During an interview with Allure magazine, hairstylist Park Nae Ju, owner of Bit and Boot, reveals his experience working with SuperM.

Park Nae Ju is known to be in charge of EXO, BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, and SuperM’s hairstyles.

For SuperM’s “Jopping” promotions, Park is in charge of Kai, Baekhyun, Mark, and Taeyong’s hair.

When asked if the members have a preference for hairstyles, he answered,

As for Baekhyun, he’s really into beauty and stuff, and his skin is quite soft and fair. He suits bright colors well. As for Kai, since he’s an exceptional performer, we exchange a lot of opinions on how he wants his hair. For Taeyong, he always has styles in mind that suit him well. And for Mark, he is easygoing as he tends to accept what we suggest when discussing things together.

In regards to the concept for “Jopping,” Park revealed that he tried to create a balance with color.

I looked at their outfits first. The outfits for this promotion were formal, with mostly solid colors. I felt that if all 7 of them had black hair, the concept would be too dark, so we tried different hair colors. Because the accessories were very bold, we kept the hair short and neat.

Watch the full interview below!

SuperM released their first mini album, SuperM, on October 4 with “Jopping” as their title track. The hashtag #SuperM_Jopping took number 1 on Worldwide Trends on Twitter just after the release of the song.

Take a look at the music video to see their hairstyles in action.

Source: allure korea