Hair Stylist Explains Why He Was Wearing The Gown And Not EXO’s Baekhyun

He reveals what really happened.

There has been a popular photo circling the internet of EXO’s Baekhyun getting his hair styled with the gown on the stylist instead of himself.

The hair stylist, Park Naeju, revealed the full back-story of why he was wearing the gown and how that photo came about. He expressed that he has received many messages regarding this photo, even from employees at his hair salon!

Many of the netizen comments regarding this were about why he was wearing the gown instead of Baekhyun.

This photo was taken during the middle of a concert, and Park, who believes texture and volume is the most important, felt that he couldn’t see Baekhyun’s hair with a dark background.

At most events and concerts, the staff members all wear dark colored clothing so that they don’t stand out in front of the cameras. So, just like any other day, he wore a black shirt to work. This, however, made it difficult for him to see the texture of Baekhyun’s hair. By putting on the white gown, he had a better view of Baekhyun’s hair texture.

It just so happened that while he was doing this, a photo was taken, and this was how this photo came to be!

Hopefully this cleared up some confusion for fans who were curious!

Watch the full story below.

Source: theqoo