One Week To Go: Here’s Why K-Pop Festival HallyuPopFest In London Is Truly An Unmissable Event

With EXO’s Kai and Chen headlining, It is a must-attend event for any K-Pop fan!

It is only a week left until HallyuPopFest arrives in London for it’s weekend of K-Pop fun.

As one of South East Asia’s largest Korean music festivals, HallyuPopFest announced that they would be going to London, England in the summer! It was later confirmed that the festival would be held in London on 9-10 July at OVO Arena in Wembley.

Throughout the weekend, those attending will be making so many truly amazing memories.

In particular, for both nights of the festival, the main event is the evening concert which will be headlined by EXO‘s Chen (Saturday) and Kai (Sunday.) The two idols will be showcasing their dominance as soloists and bringing their expansive global reach and charming stage presence to the OVO Arena Wembley.

Yet, that isn’t all! Joining Chen on Saturday is a lineup of huge acts, featuring the charismatic ASTRO, the badass members of EVERGLOW, the stage geniuses ONEUS, and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, who will undoubtedly bring the fire.

They are also joined by P1Harmony and “Love Me Like That” singer Sam Kim. 

Sunday is just as bright as Kai will be joined by the alluring boy group SF9, the newest and hottest girl group Kep1er along with the retrofuturistic CIX and infectious boyband CRAVITY.

When it comes to rising stars, Hallyu is all about promoting the next big things and the showcase will feature girl crush flagbearers Weeekly, and acoustic-loving heartthrob Paul Kim.

A select group of excellent products from small and medium-sized Korean enterprises will be featured.

These stalls have been chosen because of their innovation and quality, with each looking to target the global market in the upcoming years. Through HallyuTown, the festival welcomes those attending to discover K-themed products through its unique, immersive curation.

There is a 20% discount available on tickets for students and NHS staff attending the festival. To access the discount, tickets can be purchased from the Ticketek link, with options available to select the discounted ticket from each site.

HallyuPopFest has the best way to have the best experience at the festival as users are encouraged to download the K-Pop event app HallyuPyo.

Along with information about the event, fans can also look forward to exclusive giveaways and an official festival guide to navigating all the activities on the day of the event. HallyuPyo is available for download worldwide on both the App Store and Google Play Store, which can be downloaded here.

The first HallyuPopFest in the UK is going to be an unforgettable weekend. With some of the biggest names in K-Pop performing their greatest hits, it will be a chance for UK fans to fully immerse themselves in Korean music and embrace the Korean Wave lifestyle.

You can read a full preview of the event below.

K-Pop Festival HallyuPopFest Is Set For London, And Here’s Everything That’s Happening

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