Halsey Jams Out to Blackpink On Twitter – Rosé Responds!

What do you guys think of #HALSÉ?

On March 30, Halsey posted a tweet of her getting ready for TGC News accompanied with a video. The video shows her getting her make-up done and jamming out to the song and the background.

And what song is that? It’s none other than Blackpink’s DDU-DU-DDU-DU!

In response, Blackpink’s Rosé shared the video to her Instagram stories. The idol can’t help but compliment the American singer’s hairstyle – after all, pink is her favorite color!

Halsey then reposted Rosé Instagram story to her own with an added caption “PINK 4 U!” Their interaction is so cute and fans are absolutely loving it! Fans have even made a ship name for them – HALSÉ!

Source: OneHallyu