TV Personality Ham So Won Gets Hate Comments For Calling Herself The BTS Of The Home Shopping Industry

She mentioned BTS.

TV personality and entertainer Ham So Won recently posted on her social media a behind the scenes clip of her on set. However, what caught the attention of netizens was her mention of popular boy group, BTS.

Not only did she include the hashtag #HomeShoppingIndustry’sBTS, and #FIRE, in the video she can be heard claiming that she had only slept for 3 hours and came to work, making her schedule as busy as idols themselves. She then called herself the home shopping industry’s BTS.

In a second post, she also reiterated the same point, but added the hashtags #QueenQueen and #QueenOfSoldOut.

Comments on her post have been left by angered fans, including the following.

  • “Home shopping channels also use celebrities depending on their status level… Mentioning BTS? Let’s just laugh.”
  • “What’s with mentioning BTS. Please just stay still. The Hyejung couple came up on the internet again because of their fight. Did you think being a good mom was simple? Control yourself.”
  • “Heol, same level as BTS? Why are you like this Ahjumma
| @ham_so1/Instagram

She has not since responded to the issue or to any comments.