Popular Singer Shockingly Gives Birth After Hiding Pregnancy

She has been pregnant this whole time!

Singer Han Bom, who kept her pregnancy a secret, reportedly has given birth and is currently recovering.

Han Bom | Asia Kyungjae

On December 22, MBN reported that the singer would be leaving the trot survival show, Hyun Yuk Ga Wang (Romanized from 현역가왕), to recover. The report states that the singer recently filmed her last episode on the how.

The news comes as a surprise as the singer was a strong contender in the competition. Reports state that the singer was already nine months pregnant when filming for the singing contest first started.

Han Bom

According to MBN, the singer had hidden her pregnancy due to fears that she would lose shows and performances if she revealed the news.

I’ve been singing as a duet for the past 9 months. I thought if I revealed that I was pregnant, I would lose out on performances and shows. I’ve been performing while hiding my belly.

— Han Bom

Han Bom is reportedly healthy and recovering after giving birth to her child. The singer is stated to have canceled all her schedules.

Meanwhile, Han Bom debuted in 2010. The singer first gained fame after appearing in 2020’s trot competition, Last Chance. Check out her singing in the linke below.

Source: wikitree