Popular Actress Leaves Audiences Stunned After Asking How To Achieve An Orgasm On Air

The actress is one of K-Drama’s most popular heroines!

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Famous actress Han Chae Ah shockingly asked for pointers on how to achieve an orgasm on air.

Han Chae Ah

Recently, the actress appeared as a host on a reality show featuring married couples looking to reignite the passion in their marriage.

On this day, gynecologist Park Hye Sung was also featured in the episode. The gynecologist spoke about the importance of sex in a marriage.

Park Hye Sung

It’s much harder to satisfy a woman (when having sex), so men need to compromise. If you are in a sexless marriage, there is a higher chance of mentally and physically cheating. Sex in a marriage is very important.

— Park Hye Sung

Park Hye Sung then warned that cheating is a risk both partners face in a passionless marriage.

Men aren’t the only ones who cheat. In a sexless marriage, many women cheat also. They want to find out if they are still sexually appealing.

— Park Hye Sung

The doctor then spoke about how couples can achieve orgasms together.

Many women act like they are having an orgasm. You must be able to tell if she’s acting to orgasm together. The couple needs to be stimulated both physically and mentally. Come to me whenever you have a question. I can give you one-point lessons.

— Park Hye Sung

Han Chae Ah then spoke up and asked, “Can I have a one-point lesson?” The actress then revealed that “I need it,” conceding her marriage could use some help.

Meanwhile, Han Chae Ah is a popular actress who has acted in hit K-Dramas such as The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, The Golden Spoon, and The King’s Affection. The actress married Cha Se Jij, who is the son of arguably the most-famous Korean footballer ever, Cha Bum Kum, and the brother of former Bundesliga player Cha Du Ri.

Han Chae Ah (top) with Cha Se Jji (bottom) | MK Sports
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