Han Ga In Opens Up About Her Heartwrenching Miscarriage On SBS’s Circle House

“I was so careful. For forty weeks, I stayed home, just in case something went wrong.”

In the most recent episode of SBS‘s Circle House airing on April 14, actress Han Ga In spoke about her miscarriage.

Han Ga In | Circle House/SBS

Han Ga In proudly boasted her love for her children on this day. She called herself a ‘Kangaroo Mom,’ an often negative term used in Korea to describe overly doting mothers. The actress revealed she was “A Kangaroo mom who likes to keep her children close and protect them.”

Han Ga In (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) | Circle House/SBS

The actress confessed there was a reason why she became so attached to her children, stating, “95 percent of my life is dedicated to my child. My child comes first before all else.”

Han Ga In | Circle House/SBS

As to the reason why, the actress opened up, “For ten years after marriage, I didn’t want children, and when I did, I got pregnant right away, thankfully.” The actress further described her pregnancy, “I got pregnant around January, and when it came to August, the child had problems breathing, and I lost my child.”

Han Ga In | Circle House/SBS

The actress discussed her hard time from the loss of her child. The actress stated, “I don’t remember ever walking when I was pregnant with my first child.” Because of the experience, I realize how precious children are.”

Han Ga In | Circle House/SBS

After losing her child, the actress explained she chose to become pregnant via In Vitro Fertilization. She and her husband Yeon Jung Hoon got married in 2005 and are proud parents of two children.

SBS’s Circle House revolves around panelists Dr. Oh Eun Young, actress Han Ga In, dancer Lee Jung, singer-actor Lee Seung Gi, and TV personality Noh Hong Chul. Each week, the show invites guests and speaks on themes and social issues relevant to Korea today. The show has seen a warm reception by Koreans for its thoughtful and often personable discussions.

Source: Wikitree