Han Ga In Wants To Stay Single In Her Next Life

She wants to live her best life

Actress Han Ga In revealed her thoughts on marriage and whether if reborn she would marry again.

On March 31, SBS’s Circle House discussed current trends and thoughts regarding marriage.

Han Ga In | Circle House/SBS Entertainment

Lee Jung, who represents Generation Z on the show, stated she hasn’t yet thought of marriage. She further revealed that whenever she asks people around her if they recommend marriage, they all tell her not to.

Actress Han Ga In, a panelist on the show, then remarked, “If I am reborn, I won’t get married in my next life.”

She further stated, “I rather live my best life on my own. I want to experience what it is like to live independently.”

Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon | Asian Wiki

The actress turned the K-Drama industry upside down when she married actor Yeon Jung Hoon at the young age of 23.

We have a feeling he’s going to want to skip this episode.

Source: Nate