Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng announce their very first pregnancy

South Korean soccer player Ki Sung Yueng and actress Han Hye Jin have just announced that they are expecting their very first child!

On February 22nd, Han Hye Jin’s agency, Namoo Actors, confirmed the pregnancy with an official statement, saying, “It is true that Han Hye Jin is pregnant. However, because the pregnancy is still in its early stages, it is difficult to say exactly how many weeks it has been.

Many netizens first began questioning whether or not the couple was pregnant after Ki Sung Yueng performed a short “baby bottle ceremony,” with his thumb to his mouth, after making a tie goal during the 2014-2015 England Premiere League: Swansea City vs Manchester United match on the morning of the 22nd.

The agency further commented on the actress’s current whereabouts by adding, “She is residing in South Korea at the moment and has not yet confirmed the exact date she will be departing for England.

Many netizens have left congratulatory messages on the joyous news articles with comments such as, “So that really was a baby bottle that he was implying… congratulations to them!” “That was such a cute ceremony… like a secret message!” “Congratulations, Ki Sung Yueng and Han Hye Jin! All the best to you!” and, “She’s still in the early primary stages; hope she stays safe and healthy and congratulations to them!

Ki Sung Yueng and Han Hye Jin first filed for a marriage license in May of 2013 and held their wedding march on July 1st, 2013.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Source: WOW TV and Yonhap