Han Ji Min Reveals She Used To Smoke Cigarettes Everyday For This Reason

She has since quit smoking.

Rather than playing a character, the best actors often become it — living and breathing as the character in their real life.

This special breed of actors will take up new characteristics, or personalities, based on their character.

Often times leading to jaw-dropping results.

Han Ji Min is an actress renowned for her devotion to acting, and is considered one of Korea’s most prolific actors.

The actress has been praised countless times for her incredible acting skills.

Her portrayal of a character with a sight impairment brought tears to viewers. Viewers couldn’t believe the details the actress took into account to bring the character to life.

So it was no surprise to fans that the actress, for her 2018 movie Miss Baek, took up smoking to make her character more realistic.

The actress was a guest on the June 6 episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block.

On this day, the actress spoke about filming the movie, where she revealed an unbelievable fact.

Han Ji Min (left) and Yoo Jae Suk (right) | tvN

The movie had a hard time receiving investments because I was playing the role of the main character. Due to delays in finding a distributor, the movie was delayed.

— Han Ji Min

Although it seems incredulous that investors wouldn’t want to invest in a movie due to Han Ji Min, the actress had a logical explanation for it. The movie Miss Baek is a darker noir picture about a past convict who befriends a child who suffered from domestic violence.

Poster for Miss Baek | Bae Pictures
Still from Miss Baek | Bae Pictures

The actress explained that investors were wary about how the public would respond to the actress playing the role.

From left to right: Jo Se Ho, Han Ji Min, Yoo Jae Suk | tvN

I knew what image the public wanted me to portray, and the investors were afraid because of it. So I knew I had to do well to prove myself.

— Han Ji Min

The actress stated that for the sake of the character’s portrayal, Han Ji Min picked up smoking because she knew that if she didn’t seem like a real smoker, it might break the immersion for viewers.

Still from Miss Baek | Bae Pictures

I knew that there would be a focus on my smoking. Because there are many smokers, if they felt that my character smoking was unnatural, I might not be able to be in the film. So I smoked ever yday in my daily life. Even when I was doing the dishes, I would smoke.

— Han Ji Min

Of course, after the film, the actress successfully kicked the habit to the curb!

Everyone asks me if I had quit. I don’t smoke anymore.

— Han Ji Min

The actress’s efforts certainly paid off as the actress swept that year’s award season, winning the Best Actress Award for her portrayal at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, and Korean Association of Film Critics Award.

Han Ji Min would go on and establish herself as one of the best actors in Korea. Recently the actress greeted audiences in the smash hit drama, Our Blues, where the actress was praised for her honest and vulnerable portrayal of a woman whose sister has Down Syndrome.

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