Actress Han Ji Sun Becomes Brand Model One Month After She Assaulted Taxi Driver And Policeman

She has damaged the brand image.

Actress Han Ji Sun (25) became a brand model for We Make Price just one month after she assaulted a taxi driver and policeman.

Last September, Han Ji Sun, who was drunk, got into a taxi that was already occupied, slapped the 61-year-old taxi driver’s face and hit him in the head with a thermos. After she was taken to the police station, she slapped a policeman multiple times, bit his arm and even kicked his leg. As a result, she was sentenced to probation and a fine.


Only a month later, she appeared in an advertisement for the social commerce company, We Make Price. At the time, they announced that they selected Han Ji Sun as their brand model and revealed their plans to strengthen their trend fashion category as well.

Some people have been boycotting against We Make Price claiming that it does not make sense for them to select Han Ji Sun as their model just one month after her assault incident. Others have been expressing that We Make Price was also probably a victim and criticized Han Ji Sun for her actions.


Meanwhile, We Make Price has responded to the issue by stating that they were not aware of her assault incident and notified that they are currently reviewing legal measures that can be taken.

We did not know about the assault during the contract period. Becasue she was a temporary model, the contract was expired after 3 months. We are currently reviewing legal measures that can be taken for the damage to our image.

ㅡ We Make Price

Source: Chosun Ilbo and BizFact