Han Seo Hee Claims She Met BTS V At A Club In The Past

Han Seo Hee claimed she met BTS V at a club while they were only 19-years-old.

Former idol trainee Han Seo Hee revealed during Instagram Live that she met BTS V at a club when they were 19-years-old.

“I went to a club in the past with BTS’s V. Sh*t. When I was 19.” — Han Seo Hee


She revealed that model Kim Ki Bum brought V to the club.

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“I met V because Ki Bum brought him to the club. I don’t know V very well. But I was close to Ki Bum and he brought V with him.” — Han Seo Hee


She continued on saying that she hadn’t invited V personally, but had only reserved a table at the club. She stated that Kim Ki Bum came with V.

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“I didn’t ask him to come. I had a table reserved and V came. I’m only telling the truth. I saw him at the club and that’s it. Nothing happened. I couldn’t just tell someone who came to my table to leave.” — Han Seo Hee


Her story became a controversy because it meant that BTS V and Han Seo Hee both went to the club while underage.

V and Han Seo Hee are both born in 1995.


When fans asked her to clarify if V went to clubs while underage, she suddenly retracted her words.

“If I think about it, I don’t think it was when we were minors. But it really wasn’t anything serious so please stop.” — Han Seo Hee


Viewers began to speculate that Han Seo Hee and V hung out together at clubs often, but she reiterated that they only ever met once for a short time.

“I only ever met him by coincidence but people are talking like I hung out with him often.” — Han Seo Hee


Soon after, model Kim Ki Bum’s agency countered Han Seo Hee’s claims by clarifying that he never went to clubs with V before.

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“Kim Ki Bum is friends with BTS V, but he never went to clubs with him.” — YGKPLUS


The issue became a he-said-she-said as many wondered who was lying about what. Han Seo Hee then took to Instagram to post a long explanation claiming once again that she didn’t lie and she was only telling the truth.

“ARMYs please read. It’s my fault that I’m such an honest person. Why do you think I said it wasn’t true afterwards… I only said I happened to meet him at a club since so many people asked me about the group during my live broadcast. I clarified that I don’t know him but it’s already become such a hot topic. I mean, what did I do wrong? Then stop asking me about male celebrities.. I only answer honestly when you ask.. But you know, right? I never once lied~ Don’t make it seem like I’m addicted to attention~ You guys only watch my live broadcasts to make drama so why pretend to be angels. I’ve always been like this so that’s the end of my explanations + Oh and I only know him better as Taehyung than V because all of the people I know who are close to him call him Taehyung. It’s not because I’m close to him; We don’t know each other at all;” — Han Seo Hee

Source: Kookmin Ilbo, Hankyung and Asia News Agency