Han Seo Hee Apologizes For Cursing At Judge In Court

“The defendant is remorseful for her previous behavior and would like to apologize to the court.”

Embattled former trainee Han Seo Hee appeared in court today regarding her testing positive for drugs.

The appearance is Han Seo Hee’s first in court after cursing at a judge in a previous hearing. The singer apologized for her previous behavior but maintained that she was innocent of all charges.

Her lawyer stated, “The defendant is remorseful for her previous behavior and would like to apologize to the court. With this said, the defendant still denies all charges brought onto her by the prosecution.

According to her lawyer, “During the process of administrating the urine test, the defendant dropped her cup on the floor and therefore maintains that the test has been compromised.” The lawyer further stated, “She has never tested positive before or after that test.”

Han Seo Hee | Wikitree

On this day, Han Seo Hee apologized for cursing at the judge who ruled in favor of the prosecution on November 1 of last year. The judge ruled that Han Seo Hee would be sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

When the judge ruled that Han Seo Hee was a flight risk and her grievances warranted her detainment, Han Seo Hee objected, exclaiming, “This isn’t right. I’m not running away, and I won’t be detained. What are you doing, judge? Are you going to detain me? There is no reason to.” Even after the judge explained why Han yelled, “What are you doing, judge, f*ck seriously.”

Han Seo Hee will have her day in appeals court on April 29. Han Seo Hee received a four-year suspended sentence for her role in a 2017 scandal involving her and her then-boyfriend, T.O.P of BIGBANG.

The former trainee was arrested in June of 2020 for allegedly using Methamphetamine.

Source: Wikitree