Han Seo Hee Confuses Everyone By Claiming Jung Da Eun And She Are Only A “Show Window Couple”

She left another confusing response about their alleged relationship.

Han Seo Hee had previously denied and then later reportedly confirmed that she was dating Jung Da Eun, a contestant from Ulzzang Generation 7. She had recently claimed through Instagram Live, “We’ve been dating longer than people expect.


But she went on Instagram Live again to seemingly deny the rumors again. She first began by jokingly telling Jung Da Eun to apologize for making her become a gay figure to the public eye.

She said, “I’ve become known as gay nationwide. Hurry up and apologize for making me like this.” Jung Da Eun answered, “I’m sorry, Seo Hee.

But then Han Seo Hee went onto claim that the dating confirmation was a misunderstanding. She emphasized that they were friends.

There’s been a misunderstanding. We haven’t known each other for a long time. It hasn’t been long since [Jung Da Eun] was released either.

We aren’t seeing each other. We aren’t dating. Anyways, we don’t have a loving relationship, we have a loving friendship.

— Han Seo Hee

She claimed that she never confirmed their relationship but since the reports came out saying that they’re dating, she’s decided to pretend to date Jung Da Eun for business.

I don’t think I confirmed anything but the reports came out like that so I’ll put on a business-lesbian-performance that everyone wants to see.

We’ll become a show window couple.

— Han Seo Hee


She then turned to Jung Da Eun and said, “Everything is ruined because of you“, to which the latter replied, “I like it.

Han Seo Hee then claimed it’s gone too far for them to explain anything so they’ll become a couple to the public eye and will begin a YouTube channel together.

What do you mean you like it?

Anyways, it appears that I’ve confirmed it and it’s weird to explain everything again so we’re just going to be a show window couple. We’ll YouTube together too, I guess. Goodbye. We’re going back to sleep.

— Han Seo Hee


It isn’t clear if the two are officially dating or not, but it appears that they’re having a fun time on their vacation together and will continue to bring up their relationship status as their trip progresses.

Source: Newsen and My Daily