Han Seo Hee Released Photos Of The Abuse She Suffered After Jung Da Eun Allegedly Tried To Kill Her

Warning: Images may be disturbing.

Han Seo Hee revealed earlier that Jung Da Eun tried to kill her by pinning her to the ground while strangling her. Jung Da Eun allegedly tried to scare Han Seo Hee from having suicidal thoughts and began crying while expressing her regret.

Han Seo Hee then released photos of the abuse she suffered while being strangled by Jung Da Eun.

In the photos, Han Seo Hee’s index finger was completely swollen and bruised.

han seo hee jung da eun abuse 3


Her arm was bruised with what looks like finger marks from when Jung Da Eun allegedly held onto her.

han seo hee jung da eun abuse 2

Han Seo Hee reassured fans that she’s doing better now but she’s still suffering from pain in her arms and neck.

jung da eun han seo hee

Don’t worry. I don’t think it’s too serious.

I wrapped my face with my hands so my face is fine, but my head and neck are still a bit painful.

I’m strong so don’t worry about me.

— Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee and Jung Da Eun first began to date back in October after they repeatedly denied then confirmed their relationship.

Jung Da Eun has not responded to Han Seo Hee’s posts as of yet.

han seo hee jung da eun abuse 5

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