Han Seo Hee Says Yoo Ah In Has A Small Penis, Starts Twitter War

Han Seo Hee and Yoo Ah In are engaging in an Instagram War over the issue of feminism, posting comments and images publicly targeting each other.

The whole war started when Yoo Ah In commented on a tweet detailing what the user thought it would be like to be friends with him.

“Yoo Ah In..

I think it would be nice to just look at from 20 meters away…

but it may be hard to be friends with him…

I feel like if he opened the fridge and found a lonely zucchini sitting in the vegetable section, he’d crinkle his nose and ask, ‘What does it mean to be alone?’”

— @konnyakupeach

Yoo Ah In left a comment which was meant to be humorous but many tweeter users found it to be violent and misogynistic.

“Ever been beaten up by a zucchini? (nose crinkle)”

— Yoo Ah In

Outrage increased when Yoo Ah In called the Twitter users, who called his reply misogynistic, “Megalian” (a word used in Korea to insult feminists).

@chch35: Stop pretending to be a cool dude while candy coating bullsh*t #Out_YooAhIn_FromTwitter

Yoo Ah In: Stop megalians who pretend to be feminists while candy coating hate.”

They were more enraged because he calls himself a feminist.

To escalate the situation further, Han Seo Hee chimed in by posting on Instagram that Yoo Ah In is just a misogynist who’s cosplaying as a feminist.

“Stop cosplaying as a feminist

I’m not the one who’s taking advantage of feminism, it’s… ha”

— Han Seo Hee

She wrote the caption to a series of feminist quotes made by Yoo Ah In in the past.

“People rarely say male actors

but they call female actors, female actors.

It means that in reality, women aren’t standing

on equal grounds in society yet.

_Actor Yoo Ah In”

— Han Seo Hee’s Post


Yoo Ah In responded to Han Seo Hee’s post, telling her not to “spit on smiling face” and put a pill emoji at the end, a conscious dig at Han Seo Hee’s recent drug controversy.

“Don’t spit on a smiling face,

Just eat this #ricecake

I’ll ‘delete’ this for you tomorrow,

Be angry as much as you want

Here’s another #gift for you 💊”

— Yoo Ah In

Han Seo Hee responded to Yoo Ah In with several Instagram posts, saying that she can’t hear anything he said because he has a small penis.

“What did you say~~? I couldn’t hear you because your penis is so small😂lol”

— Han Seo Hee


Han Seo Hee also posted a winking selfie with an emoji with two men and a pink heart, which many thought she was referring to the rumors that Yoo Ah In is gay.


— Han Seo Hee


She then captured a screenshot of Yoo Ah In liking a comment that said, “hahaha[Han Seo Hee] is going crazy again, seriously..

“hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ah uncle!!”

— Han Seo Hee’s caption


Lastly, she explained why she was going after Yoo Ah In in a conversation with her mother that she posted to Instagram.

“When a critic shot fire at Yoo Ah In, I talked with the critic about Yoo Ah In’s ‘well mannered’ image and why the critic has his opinions.

But look at Yoo Ah In’s behavior towards me now.

He’s totally degrading me.

This is why women are angrier.

And people don’t understand this aspect, so they don’t understand why we’re yelling out our anger.”

— Han Seo Hee


The debate on feminism regarding Yoo Ah In’s so-called “zucchini gate” and the SNS war between Han Seo Hee and him has become a hot topic among netizens.

Hopefully, the Twitter war will come to a peaceful conclusion soon.

Source: KMIB