Han Seohee’s Opens Shop And Her “Feminist Sweaters” Sell Out Immediately

Self-proclaimed feminist Han Seo Hee just opened her online shop HXXSXXHEE last month.

And her crewneck sweatshirt with the word “feminist” on the front has already sold out in just one week.

Though the sweatshirt, selling at around $50 USD, sold quickly, it prompted some netizens to question Han Seo Hee’s intents. Some alleged that Han Seo Hee was capitalizing on feminism. Others had issues with her store policy, which restricts returns and exchanges.

“Guess feminism is good for making money. Without choices, focus, or intent, she gets cheered on just for saying that she’s a feminist.”

“Why can’t people return when they change their minds?”

Regardless of the backlash, Han Seo Hee’s stated that she’s preparing for restocking.