Fans Defend Han So Hee From Unfounded Allegations Regarding Her “True” Relationship With Song Hye Kyo

Han So Hee was alleged to be using Song Hye Kyo for fame.

Fans defended Han So Hee‘s adoration for Song Hye Kyo.

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On June 20, a post titled “Han So Hee’s Tactics Are Getting Worse” went viral. The post, which had been viewed by over 130K people as of this writing, alleged Han So Hee was pretending to like Song Hye Kyo. The author of the post also uploaded a recent edited photo of Song Hye Kyo uploaded by Han So Hee.

This edit is too much, LOL. Han So Hee doesn’t even seem to like Song Hye Kyo but is pretending to be her fan, LOL. It’s so obvious that she’s pretending to be close to Song Hye Kyo because she hit it big with The Glory. To be honest, if Song Hye Kyo wasn’t as famous, Han So Hee wouldn’t do this.

— Netizen

For context, Han So Hee has very publicly displayed her admiration for Song Hye Kyo on several occasions since it was first announced that the two would be starring in a drama together. Although both actors would later back out of the K-Drama due to disagreements with the production company, Han So Hee has continued her very public display of affection towards Song Hye Kyo.

Han So Hee’s “Flirty” Post Tagging Song Hye Kyo Goes Viral

Netizens had a mixed response to the post. While some felt Han So Hee’s seemingly one-sided displays of affection were too much, other fans defended the actress.

  • “Huh? How is this problematic? Isn’t it understandable that she is a fan of Song Hye Kyo? I don’t understand how her being a fan of her senior is a problem? Don’t you guys go overboard for a celebrity you like? Why are you guys having an issue when Song Hye Kyo herself is fine with it?”
  • “You guys are hilarious. What do you mean she is like a stalker? Han So Hee is a fan of Song Hye Kyo, and they are close.”
  • “Wow, you guys are now hating on Han So Hee? Your inferiority complexes are too much…”
  • “Didn’t you guys see Song Hye Kyo upload the photo with a heart? And both are close in real life. Anyways, you guys can’t stand two women being close.”
  • “I am freaked out because Han So Hee feels like a stalker. She should have stopped a long time ago. I understand that she is a fan of Song Hye Kyo, but she’s doing too much.”
  • “I didn’t know that picture was an edit… That’s a little cringy…”
  • “Han So Hee is a little much. Her fans tell her she’s cute and funny, though. If she wants to be on the level of Song Hye Kyo, her label is going to have to do some work.”
  • “I think editing the photo is a bit much.”

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