Shocking Video Of Han So Hee Being Approached By A Group Of Strangers Go Viral

The video was reportedly taken in Apgujeong, Gangnam.

A clip of Han So Hee with a group of strangers has gone viral.

Han So Hee

Recently, a video clip of Han So Hee in the glitzy Gangnam neighborhood,  Apgujeong, has become a hot issue.

In the video, Han So Hee can be seen walking the streets while dressed in a black black coat. Shockingly, the actress is not wearing a mask or disguise.


The video further shows a group of women approaching the actor. After a brief conversation, the actor can be seen leaving the area with the group of women. One article stated the actress left with the women to take a picture elsewhere.


The clip has since gone viral, with many expressing shock over how cool the star is as well as how beautiful she looks in the clip.

  • “Wow, she really looks like a celebrity, lol.”
  • “Her vibe is insane.”
  • “Wow, she’s so skinny.”
  • “Ah, I hung out in Apgujeong today but didn’t see her.”
  • “So she’s a doll.”
  • “That’s really Han So Hee?”
  • “But that conversation seems so funny. Are they asking her to drink with them? This is really Han So Hee? Lol.”

Meanwhile, many fans are anticipating Han So Hee’s upcoming K-Drama, Gyeongseong Creature. The series featuring Park Seo Joon and Wi Ha Joon will be coming out later this year.

Source: wikitree