Han So Hee Took The MBTI Personality Test Twice And Got Totally Different Results Each Time

Has your MBTI type changed, too?

Han So Hee recently revealed her MBTI type, and she said her MBTI has changed since she first took the test!

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

In a recent video for Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Han So Hee created a dictionary filled with facts about herself.

| Harper’s BAZAAR Korea/YouTube

She shared info like the songs she was obsessed with at the time, what she liked to watch on YouTube, and whether she preferred long or short hair.

When asked what her MBTI type is, Han So Hee revealed that she used to be an INFP.

INFPs are also referred to as the Mediators, and they’re known for being creative and imaginative, which totally fits Han So Hee’s career as an actress! Although INFPs are creative and love to help others, they are introverted and sensitive, too.

Han So Hee revealed that she retook the MBTI test, and she’s now classified as an ENFP!

ENFPs are also referred to as the Campaigners, and they’re known for being very outgoing and extroverted. Although ENFPs are the life of the party, they’re just as caring as INFPs and they love making meaningful connections with other people.

Although her official MBTI type has changed to ENFP, Han So Hee said she can relate to the description of INFPs, too.

“I think I become introvert and extrovert.” | Harper’s BAZAAR Korea/YouTube

She said her INFP Mediator side comes out when she hangs out with her friends from her hometown. She said she and her friends don’t argue often, and when they do argue, they make up quickly.

Sounds like Han So Hee puts her INFP side to good use! Of course, as an actress who spends a lot of time with other people on K-Drama sets, during interviews, and at photoshoots, Han So Hee puts her ENFP side to good use, too!

See the full video below.