Han So Hee Leaves Netizens Absolutely Stunned With Her Ravishing Look At “The Fashion Awards”

“This is Han So Hee’s birthday party, right?”

Actress Han So Hee is going viral for looking absolutely stunning at The Fashion Awards.

Han So Hee | Theqoo

On December 6, Han So Hee attended the award show in London. Pictures of the actress looking ravishing in a green see-through dress have since gone viral.

Han So Hee | Theqoo
| Theqoo

The actress slayed in the shoulder-less ensemble while looking incredibly elegant and exuding class.

| Theqoo
| Theqoo

Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury uploaded several photos with the actress. Even in a group full of stars, Han So Hee shined bright.

Picture uploaded by Charlotte Tilbury | @charlottetilbury/Instagram
Picture uploaded by Charlotte Tilbury | @charlottetilbury/Instagram

Videos of the star on the night reveal just how beautiful she looked.

What are you guys waiting for? Pledge your country to her.

— @miuuuxz/Twitter

Netizens raved about Han So Hee, with many stating she was definitely the main character that night, while others stated that she looked like a Disney Princess.

  • “She looks like the main character.”
  • “She’s a princess!”
  • “She looks very much like the main character, LOL. She chose the dress well…
  • “Out of the group, I only see Han So Hee. She’s seriously so pretty.”
  • “Wow, the dress looks so good on her.”
  • “She’s a princess.”
Source: theqoo