Han Sunhwa Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumors After Looking “Different” At Recent Event

Netizens claimed she looked completely different at a recent event.

Han Sunhwa, a former member of SECRET, recently attended a press conference for her upcoming drama Save Me 2.


She looked glowing as ever in a dusky peach dress and her signature simple makeup look.


But netizens began accusing her of plastic surgery saying that she looked different from before.


They accused her of getting fillers in her forehead and cheeks, which looked rounder than usual.

  • “Everybody can tell you fixed somethingㅋㅋ Just admit it if you did it. Who would say anything about it?”
  • “You put something in your forehead~ It looks unnatural~”
  • “Stop doing plastic surgery”
  • “Han Sunhwa looked so much prettier when pre-surgery. Stop getting stuff done”


Sunhwa had boasted a slim face that accentuated her cheek structures.


But her cheeks looked a bit rounder than usual during the recent event.


However, Sunhwa quickly put plastic surgery rumors to rest by explaining that she was simply bloated from eating salty olives and a glass of wine the night before.

I’m getting famous thanks to the salty olive and a glass of wine I had last night

— Han Sunhwa


No matter how bloated or non-bloated Sunhwa gets, one thing is for certain… She’s still a beautiful goddess no matter what!

Source: MBN