Han Ye Ri Reveals What She Admires The Most About Fellow “Minari” Actress Youn Yuh Jung

She also spoke about her own illustrious, 10-year long acting career!

Actress Han Ye Ri talked about her career, especially mentioning her role in Minari!

Han Ye Ri shot a pictorial with Singles magazine, and for the photoshoot concept, she dressed up in a bright and happy style, wearing vivid colors and patterns while displaying her unchangingly gorgeous visuals!

She also sat down for the accompanying interview, where talked about her 10-year acting career, and shared how this year marked a special one for her!

When I first started commercial movies, I thought to myself, “Maybe something will happen in about ten years.” I think you can start to see the path and direction to go forward if you invest that amount of time in anything.

At least you won’t get lost like the first time.

—Han Ye Ri

She also talked about fellow actress Youn Yuh Jung, and shared her deep admiration and respect for the senior actress!

Youn Yuh Jung (left), Han Ye Ri (right) | @TheFilmUpdates/Twitter

I realized how important it is to do things with integrity for a long time. I want to do it steadily without getting tired just like Youn Yuh Jung. I don’t know how I’ll feel later, so I want to do it as much as I want while I am enjoying it.

—Han Ye Ri

Han Ye Ri then wrapped up the interview by speaking fondly about her latest hit movie Minari, and revealed that she didn’t know she would be attending the Academy Awards for it!

It is a beautiful movie that also brought me to some really great people. I am happy that the people who did great work were Koreans. I think we should also prepare for international film events such as the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

We should try to prepare for what kind of stance we should take for dealing with films of different races and classes.

—Han Ye Ri

Watch the trailer for Minari here!

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