Han Ye Seul Opens Up About Her Current Dating Life And How Often She Gets Asked Out

She got deep and honest about it all!

Actress Han Ye Seul recently uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel where she went on a date with her viewers and fans!

She sat down at one of her favorite restaurants that she highly recommends for anyone going on a date!

As she was enjoying her virtual date with fans, she couldn’t help but wish she was actually enjoying it with a boyfriend.

She said, “I’m on a date with my cuties today, but I wish I was on a date with my boyfriend on a day like today.

She surprisingly confessed that people haven’t been asking her out recently!

These days boys don’t ask me out. I wonder why? Are they not courageous enough? Or am I too scary?

— Han Ye Seul

She wondered if people would feel pressured about getting married, but Han Ye Seul explained that she has no intensions of getting married anytime soon.

And she highly doubts it’s just her personality, because she’s got personality!

Han Ye Seul concluded that she believes it’s good to enjoy spending time with people that you care about, so she hopes to find a special someone soon!

Lastly, she left her fans with the cutest little rhyme claiming she’s “sick and tired of being single“!

With such adorable and lovely charms like Han Ye Seul, she probably just opened up a flooded gate of admirers who’ll be asking her out left and right!

Han Ye Seul on a date with her boyfriend in a drama.