Han Ye Seul Worries Fans With Suspicious Instagram Post, Agency Responds

Some speculate that it may be related to her recent drama.

Actress Han Ye Seul has been worrying fans with a suspicious Instagram post in which she shared a screenshot of a piece of writing.

The post was shared late in the night on March 27 and read as follows:

This dreadful loneliness
This dreadful solitude

This dreadful scar
This dreadful anger

This dreadful defeat
This dreadful frustration

My ugly sides that are difficult to face

ㅡ Han Ye Seul


Han Ye Seul had blocked the comment function on this post, unlike her other posts, worrying fans even more. Some worried about whether something had happened and others made their own speculations.

Some netizens have speculated that it may have to do with the controversies surrounding the drama Big Issue, which she is currently starring in. The drama had aired an episode without completing the computer graphics and as a result, was criticized for being “the biggest broadcasting accident of all time”.


Due to all the worries, Han Ye Seul’s agency released a statement on March 27 stating that everything was fine.

Han Ye Seul is fine. She’s fine in terms of her private life and is also working hard on her drama. She has consistent schedules after finishing her drama as well.

ㅡ Han Ye Seul’s agency

Source: My Daily and Osen