Han Ye Seul Reveals Her Own Secret Method To Maintaining Her Fit Figure

It’s a unique take to dieting!

Actress Han Ye Seul is as famous for her visuals as she is for her acting skills, and those visuals include her beautifully fit figure!


As many are probably curious as to how Han Ye Seul keeps her figure well maintained, she revealed her own secret method on the latest episode of Sister’s Salon!


Han Ye Seul pointed out that it’s so difficult to control yourself from eating when you’re hungry but trying to lose weight.


She revealed that she has her own personal method to avoid eating, and that’s to focus on something that she really loves to do!


She explained that by focusing on something you enjoy to do, you will forget about eating and naturally feel less hungry after a while!

This is a secret that I only use.

It’s really hard to stop yourself from eating when you’re so hungry. So you need to work consistently at something that you enjoy doing.

For instance, I like to just take stuff out and clean everything once in a while. While you’re immersed into your work, you don’t become hungry after a while.

— Han Ye Seul


Apparently this method works because Han Ye Seul continues to amaze the world with her fit figure!

Source: MK Sports