Han Ye Seul Leaves Everyone Breathless With A Sexy Deep-V Dress

Just a goddess walking among us mortals.

Actress Han Ye Seul appeared at a promotional event for N°21 and literally left everyone turning heads and out of breath!


She confidently walked up to the photowall dressed in a bright green dress complemented well by bold accessories on her hair and neck.


All eyes were on Han Ye Seul as she graced the photo wall, posing confidently in front of the press.


Her outfit was the perfect blend of sexy-yet-classy as her deep-v bared her glamorous figure.


She appeared a little shy about her deep-v as she was seen adjusting and covering her cleavage at times.


But ever the queen, she went straight back to posing as confidently as ever! And netizens fell head over heels as they showered her with praise for her beauty!

“I always think of this when I see her but she styles herself very well. Her necklace and dress pairs so well.”

“She’s cute, sexy, and even cute”

“She’s seriously so pretty it’s scary. How can she make such a bright green look so good? It’s impossibleㅋㅋ”

“She’s almost 40 but she beats out any 20 years olds. She clearly has a movie star vibe.”

“She’s crazy…. Why is she so pretty….”

“She seems to have been made to become a celebrity. She was just born to be a celebrity.”

— K-Netizens


She even threw in the cutest poses for her fans who cheered loudly in the back!


Han Ye Seul proved once again that she’s a goddess walking amongst us mere mortals!

Source: Xports News