Han Ye Seul Shocks The Internet With Her Nose Piercing

People had divided reactions.

Han Ye Seul shocked the internet with her physical appearance in the 34th Golden Disk Awards.

Day 2 of the 34th Golden Disk Awards premiered on January 5, Sunday. Among the many top celebrities who attended the event, actress Han Ye Seul stood out due to her “grungy” appearance.

She wore an off-shoulder floral gown with smoky eye makeup and red lipstick. What caught most people’s attention, however, was her nose piercing.

After her appearance on stage, netizens were quick to express their opinions.

Some did not hesitate to state their dislike over it.

She’s using her face as if she doesn’t care.
Is the concept a cow?
Ah, her nose ring is a bit bad.

– Korean Netizens

Many others, however, quickly came to her defense, saying she can dress in any way she wants.

There’s something she wants to show as an artist! She has the right to express herself as she wants.
Amazing. It’s good to see her decorating what she wants and showing it without fear.
It doesn’t matter how she styles it. Why do people think we need to follow society’s rules?

– Korean Netizens

Source: Naver