Han Ye Seul Revealed Her Weight And Claims She Needs To Go On A Diet And People Can’t Relate

“Is she making fun of me?”

Actress Han Ye Seul posted an update on her Instagram where she revealed her true weight, and people are not happy with her decision.

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She uploaded a photo of herself on the scale through her Story, where she revealed that she weighs 49.1kg (108lbs). She wrote, “I need to start exercising again!!

Considering how Han Ye Seul boasts a toned and thin model-esque body with hardly any fat anywhere on her body, netizens couldn’t relate at all! They couldn’t hide their envy as they claimed she didn’t need to diet!

“Omg,,,, No way,,,, Do you just want to be skin and bones??? The public needs to be influenced to be healthy👍 It’s not good to be too skinny~”

“Is she making fun of me?”

“ㅠㅠ She’s 166cm tall weighs 49kg I’m so jealousㅠㅠBut you’re thinking of dietingㅠㅠ”

“49.1kg.. I’m envious”

“I’m 163cm and weigh 58kg..I guess I should go die.ㅜㅜ”

“You can gain more~”

— Netizens

Perhaps she decided to take her fans’ advice. She recently updated with another Story where she showed that she gained 1kg in day. She captioned it, “In just one day!!

Although she seems saddened by the weight gain, hopefully she’s considering a joke!

Han Ye Seul has always been adamant about working out and keeping herself fit and healthy. Considering her tall physique, many can agree she’s not in need of a diet!

But as long as the Queen is happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter how much she weighs!

Source: Spotv News