Singer Park Gun and TV Personality Han Young Reveal Their Wedding Photos

“Through our love and trust, we have become a family…”

As the wedding for singer Park Gun and TV personality Han Young nears, the couple shared their wedding photos with their fans.

Han Young (left) and Park Gun (right) | @han_young123/Instagram

On April 18, Han Young’s agency revealed the couple’s wedding photos. The photos featured the couple wearing traditional Korean Hanboks and a modern dress and tuxedo.

On the same day, media outlet X-sports News revealed the couple’s wedding invitations. According to the report, the invitation writes, “Through our love and trust, we have become a family. Please come and celebrate with us.”

Han Young (left) and Park Gun (right) | @han_young123/Instagram
Han Young (left) and Park Gun (right) | @han_young123/Instagram

Park Gun revealed his marriage date through his fan cafe on April 3, writing, “Due to this sensitive time, we will be having a small wedding ceremony on April 26 with only our parents and close family members.”

The singer also thanked his fans for their support. Even after the wedding, I will show you the same bright and confident sides of me and try harder to be the version of myself. Thank you for your support, and I want to tell you I love you.

—Park Gun

The couple with an eight-year age gap formerly acknowledged their courtship in February of this year. The couple shared news of their impending nuptials last month through handwritten letters shared with fans.

Han Young (left) and Park Gun (right) | @han_young123/Instagram

Park Gun, a former occupational soldier and special forces officer in the Korean military,  is widely known in Korea as a singer and TV personality. He first gained widespread recognition through his appearance on Iron Squad, a TV show that pit Korean special forces against one another. In the show, the singer highlighted his leadership and experience as an officer in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command, also known as the Black Berets. The show was a massive success, placing first in its time slot with a rating high of 6.8%

Park Gun | Iron Squad/Channel A

Han Young is a veteran TV personality who has been able to carve out a stable career in Korea. The former idol debuted as part of LPG in 2005 before venturing into acting and hosting variety shows. Han Young has since starred as a permanent MC and panelist on 22 variety programs.

Han Young | @han_young123/Instagram

The couple is said to have met on a variety program where they first established a friendship before eventually becoming lovers.

Source: Wikitree