Hangeng reveals official poster for upcoming film, “Ever Since We Love”

On November 17th, Hangeng has revealed the official poster of his upcoming movie, Ever Since We Love, with China’s Fan Bingbing to star as the lead actress opposite him.

The poster depicts Fan Bingbing as a career woman, who seems to be seducing Hangeng, a university student, in a dormitory setting. She is dressed in a flattering scarlet dress as she brushes her hand through her long wavy hair. In contrast, Hangeng’s flat hairstyle and ordinary plaid are highlighted by the longing and bittersweet gaze which he looks at her with. An official associate has stated that the film will show how the “cougar” Fan Bingbing finds a “pack of wolves,” leaving fans to anticipate an interesting love story.

The film Ever Since We Love, directed by Li Yu, is based on the novel of the same title. The story depicts the life of a medical school student who grows through his experience of love and friendship.

The film is currently in the process of filming and will be released sometime next spring.

In related news, Hangeng recently celebrated his 9th anniversary since debut, continuing to impress his fans with his hard work and dedication to his various pursuits.

Source: TV Daily