Variety Show “How Do You Play?” Is Criticized For Dragging Out WSG Wannabe Arc

“They drag it on for so long…”

MBC‘s variety show How Do You Play? (also known as Hangout With Yoo) is receiving criticism for its slow-paced editing.

Poster for How Do You Play? | MBC

The show has seen a steady decline in viewership ratings over the past month. The latest episode, which aired on June 18, saw a viewership rating of 5.5%, over a 20% decrease from the 7% rating the show received in May 28.

Viewership rating | Naver

More concerning is the fact that the show is in the midst of its highly anticipated WSG Wannabe arc. WSG Wannabe is the woman’s version of the vocal group MSG Wannabe, which was created by the show.

WSG Wannabe members | MBC

The WSG Wannabe arc shows the group’s creation, from the auditions to its eventual debut. The finalized group members are Navi, Jo Hyun Ah, Sole, Yoon Eun Hye, Kota, Eom Ji Yoon, Lee Bo Ram, HYNN, Soyeon, Park Jin Joo, Kwon Jin Ah, and Jung Ji So.

Members of WSG Wannabe | MBC

Although the show has confirmed the group’s final members, the show has yet to show which unit the singers will be a part of and which songs they will sing.


Netizens criticized the editors of the show for dragging on the episodes and pointed out that despite the arc taking ten weeks, the show has yet to finalize the group’s debut song.

  • 392 They’ve teased their debut song so many times I’ve memorized it already.
  • 385 They drag it on so long ㅡㅡ . By now, they should have shown the units, and how many times are they going to play the same song? (sic)
  • 386 Only watched during SSAK3
  • 377 So they bring the best vocalists to sing girl group songs… They (staff) are the only ones who are having fun…
  • 378 Boring.

In comparison, Mnet’s audition program, Produce 101, took 11 weeks to announce the winners, and Show Me The Money ended after ten weeks.

Have you been watching the show? If so, what are your thoughts?

Source: 10 asia and Wikitree