Hani reveals EXID calls her a fashion terrorist on “THE STAR”

Hani of EXID has stolen the hearts of many men with her captivating charm from “Up & Down.” The sexy idol star gives a different look for a recent photoshoot with celebrities and style magazine THE STAR. 

On January 21st, THE STAR released their photoshoot taken with Hani. In the photos, Hani elegantly poses in a mannish selection of wardrobe instead of short mini-skirts.

When THE STAR asked Hani if she was comfortable with mannish styles, Hani replied, “My mother would always tell me that I look better with cool clothes. She would often get me jackets and pants that I wore for the photoshoot today.”

She then revealed her interest for fashion, “Actually, I’m not that into fashion. Members would tease me that I’m a fashion terrorist. I’m happy that I got to wear things that I don’t usually do. I feel like a real lady after holding onto a pretty bag. I always wear workout clothes when I go to work for music programs, but I will try hard to become a fashionista.”

Meanwhile, the staff members praised Hani for her hard efforts to produce quality shots despite the long hour of the photoshoot. Don’t forget to take a look at lovely Hani’s photos on THE STAR‘s upcoming February issue.

Source: TV Report