What Happens When Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time

Buzzfeed is at it again with another hilarious video showcasing how Americans feel about Korean-related things.. and this time, the subject is everyones favorite K-Dramas!!

In this hilarious video, Buzzfeed asks some regular Americans how they feel about some super popular K-Dramas. The three dramas they’ve picked for the episode are: Boys Before Flowers, Modern Farmer, and Coffee Prince. 

The reactions are pretty awesome and all of them seem to enjoy the dramas, regardless of how over-the-top it can be and silly as well. Some of our favorite quotes from the episode include:

“The plots are crazy!”
“The energies of a Nickelodeon show.. like fun!”
“The only thing that can get Americans excited is like.. murder.”
“I would KILL for that hair.. constantly pushed by the wind.. but there’s no wind..”
Check out the episode below!