What happens when you turn on the SNOW camera application while watching Scarlet Ryeo

The smoldering princes of the Scarlet Ryeo turn into adorable bunnies at a click of the SNOW filter.

What happens when you turn on the SNOW filter while watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo? You instantly see the handsome princes of Goryeo turn into adorable bunnies. In a short clip uploaded by a Scarlet Heart Ryeo fan, the fan turned on the SNOW camera application while she was watching the hit drama. During an especially tense scene between King Taejo, Prince Wang So (4th Prince), Wang Yo (3rd Prince), and Wang Wook (8th prince), the SNOW app turns the men from rugged into cuddly sailor rabbits.

The tension is almost immediately broken without the need of a comic relief, but instead with the use of the silly filter.

The princes of Goryeo have also received considerable attention recently when their graduation pictures were revealed online, causing fans to swoon over them.

Be sure to click the link below to watch the hilarious clip!