“Why Hasn’t She Debuted Yet?” Upcoming Dating Show Contestant Is Already Going Viral For Her Amazing “Idol” Visuals

“Wow, how can she be this pretty and not be a celebrity?…”

A contestant on the upcoming season of the dating show Heart Signal is already going viral.

| Channel A

On April 27, Heart Signal, one of Korea’s most talked-about and popular dating shows, released a trailer for its upcoming fourth season.

In the trailer, the show teases its upcoming contestants.

The show, known for its good-looking contestants, already seems to have a star, as one of its contestants has already gone viral despite not even airing an episode.

On April 28, a post titled “The Pretty AF Heart Signal 4 Contestant Who Was A Hair Model” went viral. In the post, several photos of the contestant were uploaded.

Heart Signal 4 contestant | Channel A
| Channel A

In the photos, the contestant, whose name hasn’t been released as of this writing, shows off her beautiful visuals. The author also uploaded images of the alleged freelance model’s earlier works.

| theqoo

Netizens reacted in shock at the contestant’s beauty and expressed surprise that the contestant hadn’t debuted as a celebrity earlier. Many netizens claimed that the contestant was the prettiest out of all of Heart Signal’s past contestants.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, she’s so pretty.”
  • “Wow, f@ck.”
  • “That’s crazy. Why?… Why hasn’t she debuted as a celebrity yet?”
  • “Wow, of all the dating show contestants, she’s my type.”
  • “Wow, she’s the prettiest so far. She looks like a Japanese actress.”
  • “Wow, her face and her vibe are pretty AF.”
  • “Wow, how can she be this pretty when she’s not a celebrity.”
  • “She (looks like a) celebrity.”
  • “Anyone would think she’s pretty, but she’s the type to drive guys crazy.”

What are your thoughts? Check out all the contestants in the Heart Signal 4 trailer below!


Source: theqoo
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