Haters Attack Rookie Female Idol, Calling Her UGLY… Here’s How She Responded

“At first, when they said that my photos look better than I do, it hurt.”

MOMOLAND’s JooE responded defiantly to the haters who called her ugly and accused her of being a “selca liar”.

At a recent showcase for Momoland’s third mini-album, GREAT! JooE took the time to address the hate.

“Those around me worried more than I did, actually. Of course it’s hard on me too, but I wouldn’t have picked this career if I thought I wouldn’t be able to overcome these things.”

— JooE

Her response to the haters was filled with her signature positive energy.

“It would be harder for me if hid my complexes instead of overcoming them. Luckily, I’m super positive.

I don’t think there is a single standard of beauty. At first, when they said that my photos look better than I do, it hurt. But I think it’s good that it was also an opportunity get MOMOLAND on the radar.”

— JooE

Netizens responded positively to JooE’s response, praising her maturity for one so young and saying that she seems like an independent individual.
“I hope she doesn’t get hurt by those comments. I like her because she’s cute and fun ㅎㅎ”
— asud****

It seems like the haters did all that hating to no avail because JooE seems to not give a single f*ck. She’s just going to go on being her merry, happy, beautiful self!

Source: Naver Entertainment