Haters’ Attempts To Damage TOO Woonggi’s Reputation Backfires

It has just made him look even better!

Rookie group TOO member Cha Woonggi has hit the headlines after messages he wrote in his college group chat were leaked.

A post named “The current controversy in a Seongnam university freshman group chat” surfaced on an online forum. It allegedly showed messages Woonggi had written calling out some of the members in the chat.

The messages appear to reveal that more than 20 college students gathered or planned to meet at a bar near the entrance of Konkuk University Station for a drink. If this took place, it would have violated the COVID-19 rules that prohibit private gatherings of more than five people.

TOO’s maknae, who is currently a freshman at Dong Seoul University, allegedly replied and explained how he believed that it was wrong to meet up in large numbers.

Some of the replies to the message seemed to mock Woonggi’s reaction. Many said to ‘ignore him’ while others tried to persuade him to join them.

In reply, Woonggi said, “There is a reason that gatherings of more than 5 people are not allowed. So it is weird to see these messages about everyone going out to drink together and asking more people to come.” He then left the group.

A member of the chat took screenshots and sent them to fan pages in the hope of making fun of him.

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Their attempts to mock Woonggi backfired in a spectacular fashion.

When the messages were shared, members of their fandom (TOOGETHER) instantly showed support on social media for their maknae. They pointed out that the screenshots made him look better, not worse!

Even netizens outside of the TOO fandom rallied around Woonggi with positive tweets.

They all praised Woonggi for making a stand and sticking to not only his morals but the regulations the Korean government have put in place during these times.

Source: MoneyToday