Haters Claimed This Korean Model Was Photoshopping Her Photos… What She Did Shut Them Right Up

Lee Hee Eun is the successful CEO of her own clothing website leeheeeun.com but is perhaps better known for her unbelievable figure.

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Thanks to her amazing figure, she doesn’t need any models to wear the clothes, as she can model any outfit she wants to sell.

Her Instagram account is full of proof of her unbelievable figure…

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But many commenters have repeatedly accused her of using Photoshop to alter her pictures, saying that her figure is just too good to be true.

This isn’t the first time Lee Hee Eun has had to defend herself either, back in March, she fired back at haters who criticized her photoshoot with Rotta.

Lee Hee Eun Shoots Back At Haters For This Incredibly Sexy Photoshoot With Rotta

To put the end to it once and for all, Lee Hee Eun recently posted revealing videos of her on the website.

Showing her entire body wrapped around in a tight black latex suit, Lee Hee Eun left no margin for the haters since her entire body silhouette was clearly visible.

She also released a statement, saying that she will not allow any kind of false accusation about her, threatening to pursue legal action if this type of bullying continues.

“… I will not tolerate any kind of insulting comments or threats. I know that I would not be able to change anyone’s opinion once someone decides to spread hatred, yet if you express it towards me in an insulting way, I will make sure I will take appropriate actions against it. …”

— Lee Hee Eun 

Netizens are cheering her on for her courage and are in awe of her amazing body shape at the same time.

“I just saw the President Lee Hee Eun’s video with her latex suit on, and wow she is the BEST….”


Source: Vingle